Cameran “Cami” Ritzler was born on September 17th, 2004. Cami is the daughter of Janel Ritzler and the sister of Kincaid Ritzler and Taylor Miller.

In 2012, Cami decided to start taking dance lessons at Club Dance Studio in Mesa, Arizona. Since then, Cami has won many awards in dance.

Through her dancing,  Cami has gained fans and friends. With her popularity rising with her amazing skills of dance, popular app ““, has also helped the rising star get fame. With over 90,000 followers on the app, Cami has gained even more popularity.

Cami has also signed with huge talent agency, The Movement, which will help Cami get jobs through dance, voice, print, and theatre!

To learn more about Cami, click here to view her resume, click here.

Some fun facts about Cami:

  • Cami weighs 65 pounds!
  • Cami is 4″9′!
  • Cami has extreme flexibility!
  • Cami can do stunts in cheerleading!
  • Cami has green eyes and blue hair!